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  1. Head shot. Period. Point-blank. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve mentioned this to any astute man who’ll listen that ever since I left the Anglosphere (1/2 time in 2006 and full time since ’08) I have not seen, spoken to nor interacted with a single 1st world female…and my life is all the more enriched and enjoyable because of it.

    You’re really on to something Demosthenes. I have male relatives back inside, including a young son and I’d love to school them on these very tactics. It almost seems like dating is just a minefield to navigate, with baited, spring-loaded bear traps meant to harm you in the worst way. That is, if you’re a man.

    I think this missive can (and should) be packaged and marketed. It would be a great way to get the information out there and vicariously change the social interaction between feminists and astute men.

    Find Your Own Never Never Land,

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